tefka* CD/DVD vacuum sealing rings (vacuum sealing lips)

tefka* Dichtlippe - Vakuum Dichringtefka* vacuum sealing lips are used with Kammann CD/DVD offset-printmachines e.g. with the Kammann K15i, K15 40, 41540.HS.
The vacuum sealing lips have two-pieces, an inner and an outer ring, they make the suction and positioning of the workpiece through the discs during the rotation possible.




Vacuum sealing lip blue
inside , about 1,96 mm
Vacuum sealing lip green
outside, about 2,5 mm
Vakuum-Dichtring blau - Vakuumdichtlippe für Kammann Druckmaschine Vakuum-Dichtring grün - Vakuumdichtlippe für Kammann Druckmaschine
Usage: endless-vacuum with Kammann CD/DVD printmachines (vacuum rotary table).


The final assembly needs to be done by the Customer
inner ring 1 connection (2 Halbverbindungen)
outer ring 2 connection (4 Halbverbindungen)