tefka* CD/DVD printing table & printing plates cover

Druckplatte mit Schutzbezug und Silikon Nestpadtefka* printing table & printing plates covers and matching tefka* nest-pads protects sustainable the tables / vacuum plates. The tables wear out by colours, cleaner and mechanics e.g. at offset printing in short or long-term.
Our table covers are easy to change and eay to clean, and thus prevent expensive table-/plate- changes early.

The tefka* nest-pad aligns the heightening, which result because of the tefka* table covers K/15 F, about approx. 0,20 mm. The change of the nest-pads are also facilitates, because the nest-pad can be removed nearly residue-free from the surface.

The advantages

- Easy attachment and removal of our pads, thanks to special adhesive
- Reduced need of solvents and detergents
- Reduces environmental pollution and workloads on staff
- No curing of the pads, thanks to heat radiation
- Reduced machine downtime / production downtimes

printing plates cover and nestpad
Glass fibre/PTFE
printing plates cover and nestpad
Glass fibre/PTFE
printing plates cover and teflon-Pad
Glass fibre/PTFE
Teflon Schutzbezug und PFTE CD-Pads für Druckteller Screen-Saver und Nestpad Screensaver und Teflon-Pad


- available for all common offset-, screenprint and CD/DVD printing machines
- individual versions with pressing / perforation
- CD/DVD print-pads with smooth to structured surfaces
- Integrated fabric glass layer ensures optimal stability during the printing process