tefka* CD/DVD screenprint-pads / nestpads

Disk lable Printing consumables and spare partsOur print pads are inherently stable, temperature- and UV/IR- resistant. Perfect for printing and drying. at e.g. rotating printing, tefka* print-pads can provided with a vacuum ring as well as with a full perforations, to keep the CD/DVD firmly in place. Applications like switching the tefka* print-pads are done with effortless ease because of a single-sided applied special adhesive, which can be removed residue-free from the vacuum-plate and then, without subsequent pre-cleaning, get renewed. The special surface provides extremly precise printing especially at screen-printing, without curing through drying ! base material + surface + embossing + perforation + strength are individual adjusted to the respectiveprinting machines. simultaneously the CDs/DVDs are optimal protected of possible light damage like scratches etc. because our print-pads don't cure.

CD/DVD/BluRay Screenprint and Offset consumables / spare parts
Silicone Pads for Hanky Screen Printing System and Hanky Offset Printing Maschine
Silicon Vacuum Pad for Guann Yinn Offset, Blanket-Guann Yinn
Dubuit Vacuum Pads

Kammann screenprint / offset
Disk 1140, K15 40, K15 40-High Speed

The advantages

- Easy attachment and removal of our pads, thanks to special adhesive
- Reduced need of solvents and detergents
- Reduces environmental pollution and workloads on staff
- No curing of the pads, thanks to heat radiation
- Reduced machine downtime / production downtimes

tefka* CD / DVD offset printing/screenprint consumables/spare parts

Vacuum Pad / Disk-Pad
strength: 1,7 - 1,8 mm

Nestpad / Blu-ray Pad
strength: 0,32 – 0,33 mm

Nestpad / Blu-ray Pad
strength: 0,33 – 0,34 mm
Disk Pad, Vakuum Pad , consumables for Kammann Screenprinting K15i Disk Nestpad for Bluray printing machine (consumables) screenprinting consumables for Guann Yinn Offset printing machine - Vacuum /silicone Pad
compatible with:
Kammann Screen-Printer K15I
compatible with:
Kammann Screen-Printer
compatible with:
Guann Yinn / Guann Way

Nestpad / Diskpad
strength: 0,33 – 0,34 mm

Nestpad / Diskpad - Card-Pad
Perforation / oval / Ø 60 mm
strength: 0,33 – 0,34 mm

Nestpad / Diskpad
strength: 0,35 – 0,36 mm
Vakuum Disk Mats, Silikon Druckpad, Silk-Printing Vakuum Pad Vakuum Nestpad für optische Datenträger und rfid chipkarten und Plastikkarten Vakuum Printing Pad
Art.-Nr. 22W-RST1 Art.-Nr. 22W-RST6 Art.-Nr. 23W-1540-RST5

Nestpad / Mini-Disk-Pad
strength: 0,33 – 0,34 mm

Nestpad / Mini-Disk-Pad
strength: 1,7 – 1,8 mm
Vakuum Nestpad für Minidisk Druckmaschinen Vakuum Druckauflage für Mini-Disk Druckmaschinen  
Art.-Nr. 22VRW-RST7 Art.-Nr. 16VRR-RST8  


standard program and individual solutions

- available for all common offset-, screenprint and CD/DVD printing machines
- individual versions with pressing / perforation
- CD/DVD print-pads with smooth to structured surfaces
- Integrated fabric glass layer ensures optimal stability during the printing process